The Perfect Software for your Mobile Notary Business

About Zoom Signer

Zoom Signer was created by Notary Signing Agents with the Notary and Title Officer in mind.

Zoom Signer provides Seamless Scheduling, Rescheduling and Client Confirmation platform with no back and forth needed between Title Officers and Notary Signing Agents.

Benefits of Zoom Signer


Instant Online Booking


Add Meetings to google calendar


Confirm Scheduled Meetings


Send and receive email reminders


Opt-in to SMS reminders


Instant Appointment reschedule


Manage Double Bookings


Streamlined Scheduling Process

Benefits for Notary

Instant booking for signings directly from your title officers

Never miss a request! Have appointments booked for you, based on your custom schedule, even while you sleep!

Instant email confirmations

Put your clients at ease! Clients receive information and instructions needed for upcoming signings when a title officer books a signing.

Custom Appointments

Create custom appointments for your escrow agents to choose from. Customize the length of time, and create custom email based on appointment types.

Peace of mind

Once appointments are booked, schedule emails, or text messages for your signers with reminders about their upcoming appointment.

Instant “Client Rescheduling”

Avoid last minute cancellations or mix-ups, by providing the ability to reschedule on all confirmation, and reminder notifications.

No more “Back and Forth”

Minimize long email, or phone call chains. Escrow agents can see your up to date availability, and easily schedule appointments.

You control your schedule

Like to take lunch every day from 12-1pm? Want to see your daughter's school play? Set your own schedule, and make instantaneous updates.

You control who is allowed to book appointments for you

Maintain control by choosing who to give access to your calendar with a private link.

Benefits for Title Officers

Up to date calendars with your most trusted notaries

Instantly see your notary’s availability and easily schedule your client.

No “Back and Forth” between you and your notaries

View all of your notary’s schedules at once and see what’s available and schedule it instantly!

Custom Appointments

Choose the type of appointment, and get the appropriate length of time, documents, and instructions sent for you!

Clients and notary are instantly notified, with reminders

Clients will receive text/email notifications with everything they need for their appointment.

Clients can schedule their own signing

Send your clients your scheduler link, and they can schedule an appoinment at their earliest convenience. They can choose what time works for them, based on your live calendar.

Flexible re-scheduling for clients

If there are any last minute changes, clients can reschedule their appointments right from the email. New email updates, and notifications will be sent to all parties.

Meeting “Lead Times”

Although the signing may only take 45 minutes, drive time needs to be accounted for. With meeting lead times every appointment can have a time buffer to ensure your notary isn’t late to his next appointment. The times can be adjusted from 5 minutes to an hour to ensure timing and client satisfaction.

Easy to add new notaries

If you would like to add a notary’s schedule to your view, you can simply “Favorite” their schedule webpage and add them instantly.

No cost for you!

There is no cost for the escrow officer for this service. Notaries pay for the Notary Zoom and notaries get a lot of benefit from it too!!

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the free booking service trial has no hidden charges and clients do not need a credit card to subscribe. Plus, the trial comes with the full Basic Plan features such as unlimited scheduling appointments in all business hours, as well as Zoom integration. All of that free for 7-days, with no cancellation fee.

Yes. You can upgrade and downgrade from Basic to Pro and vice versa, at any time. Simply remove all but 1 user to switch plans. Each time you add or remove users, your billing will automatically reflect that.

Yes, you can cancel your subscription at any time. A canceled plan will not be renewed at its due date and there will never be any cancellation fees.

Yes, all plans include free text message reminders. The number of reminders varies across plans. The Basic Plan comes with 1 text reminder per appointment, and the Pro Plan comes with 2 text reminders per appointment.